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Public Seminar in 2013

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Mr Stefanus TJ


"Puzzle to make your Dream come True" 

Many people do not have a dream and did not dare to dream,

and also there are many people who can dream of but it just stops in place of not knowing what to do to make it happen 

and finally the dream still remains just a dream

We found piece puzzle, a puzzle that had been hidden and must be arranged to form a framework that becomes the handle to make your dreams come true


"Way to make employee more enthusiastic - pro active and compete to be STARS in company"

Working people should have goals and expectations, but many people work without a purpose and many of them work without the expectation that ultimately makes them passive, do not want to know, in different and perform routines that are programmed like a machine without a heart and feelings

We gave road as a way to make each of your employees will feel more positive, enthusiastic and pro active in the work which in turn encourages you to star employees
And make yourself into an invaluable asset for the company and increase the price to sell your self and make your life and your family more prosperous


"Way to Double even Triple your sales achievement "

Achieving the target is the desire of all those sales, are not achieving target sales people is a nightmare, but did you ever think to go beyond the target and make it double or even triple?
We give you secret recipe for making your sales could be twice or even three times that of the previous

"Type of Sales and Customers"

Human nature is fundamentally unique and different from each other, sometimes we do not recognize and judge other people sucks, when in fact we do not want to synchronize with the nature of other people we want others to like us.

As sales people we are not only required to understand the character of the customer,but also understand exactly what customers want so we can communicate effectively with them.

We provide  types of customers and nine types of sales for you so that you can understand and be able to match it to yourself. So by understanding the differences and uniqueness that will make you more easily relate to them and more easily close the order

"Way to make your presentation impressive"

Giving a presentation or present a product is one part of the sale, but often makes people nervous and scared the sale itself, perhaps because they are not capable, less confident or not proficient in word processing

and what happens when presenting a product is a disaster and chaos that resulted in the presentation becomes less convincing.
and not just the loss of customer confidence in your company's products and yourself but also the credibility of the collapsed

we give a  recipe that allows you to present your products with ease, confidence and so convincing that your audience will be very impressed and put great faith in your product

Giving a presentation or present a product is one part of the sale, but often it makes nervous and frightened of its own sales people, perhaps because they are not capable, less confident or not proficient in word processing that occurs when presenting a product that is stiffness and awkwardness which resulted in the presentation becomes less convincing and the most severe credibility of your product from your company and yourself to fall
we give a recipe that allows you to present your products with ease, confidence and so convincing that your audience to be so impressed and put great faith in your product


Way to be effective and become Loved Manager/Supervisor

Way to make manager/supervisor become a Great leader 

"Way to make you instantly spoken in front without preparation"

Give presentations or speak in front of an audience is one of the tasks of a manager, but sometimes a manager nervous and uncomfortable with this, perhaps because of feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence or no control of word processing

that occurs when talking with a stiffness and awkwardness that makes a manager look stupid, when a manager is expected to provide more capabilities than the usual
we give you nine ways that allow you to speak without preparation before the event, your audience will be very impressed and respect to you.


"Way to make your customer not only satisfied but impressed"

Customer service is one that determines the life and death of a company, both companies goods and services.
Superior product that does not mean anything without the support of a reliable customer service department
Customer service complaints are to serve customers and keep customers satisfied. But do not just make the customer satisfied but make your customers impressed
We provide  ideas is to make you a reliable professional customer service and make your customers are so impressed
we provide a way to make your customers not only satisfied but impressed with the service from yours.

"Way to handle  complains and change it become good feedback" 

Customer service is always facing things that are unpleasant. From customers who suddenly angry for no reason, scorned customers who are frustrated and they should remain friendly and remain focused on delivering a good and true solutions to customers. Achieve customer sympathy and change them into a diatribe inputs so you can still maintain the customer
The following  ways to change the complaints that come into useful input for you and your company.


"Secret Path of Success and How to through within"

Success is everybody's dream, but sometimes a person's judgment is often only in terms of financial success, 
success is not only measured by how much we collected, but how many of the values ??of life that must be met 
before you can say that you have been successful, 
there are various kinds of things you have to go through and you should be able to measure up to where your success
There are conditions that must be met if you want to be called a success and of this requirement to be your road to success





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